Bright Sky Learning is a specialist tutoring service to support parents of children and young people with SEND, long-term illness or anxiety, based in Uckfield. For some pupils, this may involve working towards academic qualifications, while for others, the focus may be on social skills, or sensory experiences. The service is open to pupils of all ages and abilities.


All About Bright Sky Learning

Hello! We are Sarah-Jane and Susi, qualified teachers with over 50 years’ cumulative experience in educating children and young people with a wide variety of special educational needs and disabilities, based in East Sussex. We have taught pupils with severe learning difficulties, PMLD, autism and specific learning difficulties, in addition to home schooling for children who are long-term unwell or anxious, aged from pre-school to sixth form.

For all children, learning should be a holistic experience, including their academic, sensory, social and emotional development. Those with special educational needs are no different, but must have teaching adapted to their own personal strengths and challenges in order to reach their fullest potential. We are dedicated to ensuring each pupil is treated as an individual, and encouraged to experience success and achievement to the very best of their ability.

Bright Sky Learning provides bespoke teaching for your child in order to best reach this success. Through discussion with parents and in-person assessment with your child, we will develop a personalised education plan, which will be continually adapted to their progress. 

If you feel that your child may benefit from this, or would like further information, please feel free to send a message via the contact form at the  bottom of the website, Bright Sky Learning Facebook page, or alternatively by email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Academic achievement to the best of one's ability helps to develop high self-esteem, and feelings of success. Whether this equates to a nationally recognised qualification, the ability to count out their money to go shopping independently and safely, or concentrating well on an activity, we will help your child to do the best they possibly can.


Everybody has sensory needs, many of which we are not even conscious of. If somebody has difficulty with processing sensory information, an objectively insignificant problem may become overwhelming. We therefore work with pupils to ensure they are comfortable in their learning environment, and to help them to cope in such a loud and colourful world.

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Social & Emotional

Social and emotional needs vary greatly between individuals. Tutoring may involve lessons such as simulating visits to unfamiliar places and individuals, such as a doctor, in order to help prepare your child for a hospital visit. Alternatively, we may practice using public transport and ordering in a coffee shop to develop independent skills. For some pupils, however, teaching may be more focussed on coping with anxiety and other difficult emotions in different settings.


Sarah-Jane Scott

Outside of work, I am usually very busy. I am a mother of four, but still try to make time for a run or cycle every morning. I spend as much time as possible outside with my horses and chickens, and going for lovely dog walks on Ashdown Forest.

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